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Gum Disease… what’s the big deal?

canyondental01 A vital part of Canyon Dental Centre is our Hygiene department.

A hygienist is in charge of making sure that what supports your teeth is healthy and disease-free. That support structure is called the ‘peridontium’ and consists of bone and connective tissue. Basically, it’s the stuff that holds your tooth in.

Unfortunately, nasty bacteria can get up under your gum-line and create problems with that support. The bacteria grow in a slime layer called plaque and this plaque can calcify to become tartar or calculus. This is the stuff that makes your gums bleed or, if left longer, can continue working its way into the bone and cause the tooth to get loose in its socket.

So that’s why you come to see our wonderful Hygiene team; to get all that nastiness cleaned off.

Oh, and also to get a new toothbrush and floss!