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Dentistry for Seniors

Twenty years ago, if you were over 60 years of age, it was a pretty fair bet that you had a full denture. Well that’s all different now and we are seeing more and more elderly patients with their own teeth…. folks well into their 80’s in fact.

This presents a special challenge for us because elderly people are coming to see us with specific dental needs that you just don’t see in others.

For example, seniors often have dry mouths as a result of some of the medications that they are taking to reduce blood pressure or deal with cardiac issues. Because of the dry mouth some seniors suck on peppermints which expose the teeth to sugar which … well … I think you can see that we may have a problem here.

We love seeing seniors at Canyon Dental and love working with them. We figure that it’s much easier eating healthy foods like raw veggies and fruit with your own teeth than it is with dentures….and let’s face it….if you eat more healthy, you’re going to live longer.