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Meet Our New Associate Dentist, Dr. Byron Lee

Meet Our New Associate Dentist, Dr. Byron Lee

Canyon Dental in Calgary has been providing patients with exceptional dentistry for over 30 years, which truly speaks for itself! The entire dental team works together to put their patients first and provide the best care possible. Canyon Dental takes the time to get to know each and every patient, which is one of the many reasons patients keep coming back.

Meet Canyon Dental’s Newest Dentist: Dr. Byron Lee

Dr. Bryon Lee was born and raised in Calgary and has spent the majority of his life in Calgary. He attended the University of Calgary and studied Biological Sciences for three years prior to gaining early acceptance to the Doctor of Dental Surgery program at the University of Alberta. During his studies at the University of Alberta, Dr. Lee was the recipient of an MH Garvin Scholarship in Dentistry, a Pierre Fauchard Academy Award and the recipient of the DENT-STAR undergraduate prize. These awards were given based on academic achievement and contribution to research.

Dentistry has been an interest since he was a child. Growing up, Dr. Lee would often visit his uncle at his dental clinic, as both a patient and out of curiosity. Dr. Lee’s interest in the sciences and his tendency to get bored easily lead him to aspire to become a dentist. Dentistry is an occupation where your hands are always moving and you get to talk to and meet many people. Dr. Lee soon found Dentistry to be an ideal career because he found true enjoyment and excitement in his practice.

The Importance of Dentistry

Dr. Lee recognizes the importance and power in educating patients about proper oral health practices and providing dental services at Canyon Dental and outside of the dental clinic. You are only given one set of adult teeth in your lifetime so it’s important to maintain healthy oral practices and to receive the appropriate dental treatment when needed. Having a healthy set of teeth will improve your quality of life and health significantly for the long-run.

With this in mind, Dr. Lee participated in a mission trip to the Amazon Basin where he helped treat the underprivileged. It was an extremely rewarding experience that provided Dr. Lee with invaluable experience and skills due to the circumstances. The environment lacked assistants, proper lighting and dental equipment. This trip taught him a great deal in regards to surgical procedures.

Providing Patients with Excellent Oral Care at Your Calgary Dental Clinic

Dr. Bryon Lee is an Invisalign certified provider and has taken endodontic (root canal therapy) courses. He is currently planning to take additional courses in bone grafting, implant placement and more advanced endodontic courses within the next year. As a dentist, he strongly believes in further improving himself with Continued Education courses and prioritizing his patients’ dental care needs.

Dr. Lee strives to make the entire experience for his patients a positive one! Maintaining a positive attitude and creating a fun and enjoyable dental experiences are at the crux of what makes Canyon Dental exceptional. The Canyon Dental team has a great sense of humor,  everyone works hard, is helpful and has a great time.

Visiting your hygienist a minimum of twice a year along with routine check-ups is important for maintaining healthy gums and teeth.

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