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Wisdom Teeth Removal in Calgary: FAQ

Wisdom teeth extraction is an experience that many of us go through as teenagers or young adults. The idea of the process is overwhelming for some. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Your team of Calgary dentists has compiled a few frequently asked questions about wisdom teeth. Keep reading to learn […]


Same-Day Emergency Appointments Available at Your Calgary Dental Clinic

Dental emergencies can happen at any given moment. Canyon Dental Centre in Calgary has seen a variety of accidents that require immediate emergency dental care including filings, root canal therapies, and extractions. Accidents happen and the sooner the issue is fixed, the better. Although most of our visits are planned in advance, when life gives you […]


Your South Calgary Dentist Can Administer Botox

Botox has become a common practice in dental clinics, for both cosmetic and medical reasons. The science behind Botox and why it works will demonstrate why it might be a good procedure for you. The Canyon Dental Centre team in Calgary’s Southcentre Mall believes Botox is an excellent solution for reducing wrinkles, as well as a […]


Teeth Whitening Solutions at Your Calgary Dental Office

A bright, white smile is often equated with healthy teeth. There are several reasons your smile loses its whiteness. Certain foods and beverages including red wine, nicotine, green and black tea and coffee will stain and discolour your teeth over time. Many other factors including medication, mouth trauma and aging will also dramatically dull your […]