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Children’s Dentistry in Calgary: Establishing Healthy Habits

Children’s Dentistry in Calgary: Establishing Healthy Habits

Do you get the sense when you ask your child to brush their teeth, they’re really just hiding in the bathroom for a few minutes without brushing? You’re not alone. Instilling the importance of oral hygiene into your kids can be a challenge. Here at Canyon Dental, we’ve found that making Children’s Dentistry in Calgary fun is a great way to get them excited about taking care of their teeth. Keep reading for some ways to keep their oral hygiene routine something they look forward to.

Daily Routines for Your Child’s Oral Hygiene

Encouraging your child to start establishing daily oral hygiene will benefit them for a lifetime. They should be brushing their teeth twice a day for 2-3 minutes and flossing once they have more than one tooth. Ensuring your children know the importance of eating a healthy diet, and how it can affect their oral hygiene will help them avoid dental issues, and keep their smile healthy!

Consequences of Prolonged Thumb-Sucking

While seeing your child using their thumb as a self-soothing tool can be cute early in life, the consequences of prolonged thumb sucking aren’t. If your child continues sucking their thumb later in life, the bone or teeth position can shift, causing something called a crossbite. The pressure could also cause an opening to form in the front, preventing teeth from growing down into their proper position. Teeth may also flare out in the front, causing a large space between the two front teeth.

Most children stop sucking their thumbs around age 3. However, if they don’t, we encourage you to chat with your child and have a parenting plan in place to prevent this behaviour. We also recommend using positive reinforcement! Try giving them a small prize or sticker if they choose not to suck their thumb during quiet time.

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Making Trips to the Dentist fun For Kids 

Dentistry for children isn’t complete without regular trips to your Calgary dentist. How your child feels about visiting the dentist in their childhood could affect their dental experiences and health for the rest of their lives. Look for a few key indicators, such as what the waiting room is like, the attitude of the staff and the kinds of interactions they have with your children. These will all be good indicators of whether your child will have a good experience at their Calgary dental appointment.  

It’s also important to look at your own attitudes about the dentist. Often, if parents had bad experiences at the dentist as a child, they can give off negative messages about going to the dentist without realizing it. Making sure you give off positive messages to your children about going to the dentist can help them look forward to their dental appointments.

Children’s Dentistry in Calgary: Book Your Appointment for the New Year  

Dental care for children is extremely important and making their daily oral hygiene routine something they look forward to can help them consistently take care of their teeth.  At Canyon Dental, many of our younger patients love coming to the dentist. We provide TVs to watch during their appointment and prizes afterwards!

If you’re wondering when you should book your child’s first dental appointment, see our Pediatric Dentistry page here for more information.  

Our team here at Canyon Dental knows the importance of making trips to the dentist an experience our children look forward to. Our friendly team of South Calgary dentists looks forward to seeing you soon! We’re located right across from the play area in the Calgary Southcentre Mall. Before you bring your children in for their next appointment, head over to our dental team page to meet our dental experts here.

Book your child’s South Calgary dentist appointment today! We can’t wait to see you.