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Debunking the Various Myths about Braces

Debunking the Various Myths about Braces

Do you have crooked or misaligned teeth?  Are you considering braces to fix your smile?  There are myths surrounding braces, many of which are either untrue or outdated.  Allow us to clear up these misconceptions.  Knowing the truth can ease your fears and allow you to enjoy a beautiful smile, better oral health, and a better bite.

Braces are only for kids and teenagers

You can wear braces well into your adult years.  Sixty years, 70, or 80… it doesn’t matter. Recent statistics on braces indicate that over one million adults in the US and Canada have braces. You may be surprised to learn that some adult celebrities like Tom Cruise, Gwen Stefani, Dwight Howard, and Faye Dunaway have had braces as adults.

Closeup on an Invisalign retainer

For braces to work, they have to hurt

When it comes to braces, the “no pain no gain” motto doesn’t apply these days.  Discomfort occurs most often upon initial placement and following adjustments.  You may have braces for a year or two, but you’ll likely only have to endure about a few days of discomfort.

Braces are unsightly and unattractive

Traditional braces have noticeable wires, but there are alternatives.  Besides Invisalign, there are clear brackets (such as Six Month Smiles) and lingual braces (braces that are placed on the tongue side of teeth.)

Braces are only for improving your teeth’s appearance

While adorning a beautiful smile is the biggest benefit of braces, there are additional benefits to straight teeth.  Straighter teeth are easier to clean, and therefore tooth and gum health are improved.  Also, biting and chewing can be more efficient since the teeth are lined up.

Eating normally with braces is a challenge

Admittedly, the first couple of days may be uncomfortable, but eventually, you can eat as normally as if you didn’t have braces.  Orthodontists, however, recommend that you avoid certain types of foods such as gum and caramel, which may get stuck in the braces.   This is a problem because they can give rise to cavities or gum inflammation.  With braces, you should also avoid overly hard candies.

Only braces can straighten your teeth

Braces are not the only way to align crooked teeth. There are other solutions such as Invisalign clear aligners. However, keep in mind that Invisalign has limitations. It may not be the best option to solve severely crooked teeth or for people who do not or can not have the responsibility of wearing aligners for a minimum of 21 hours a day.
Schedule an appointment with our team to know your options.

Picture of a dental retainer

Your teeth will stay straight forever after removing braces

Even after treatment, teeth tend to revert to their original position. Therefore, straightening your teeth and correcting your bite is just half of the process; the rest of the process is keeping them straight. That’s why it’s vital to use retainers to maintain your results.

Every overbite is bad

Many people think that having any overbite is bad, but that is wrong. You’ll even be surprised to know that people with zero overbites start wearing down their front teeth as time passes. A small overbite protects your teeth from wearing down. An overly large overbite may cause problems.

You can’t engage in sports if you have braces

Are you a football, rugby, or basketball player and worried that if you get braces, you won’t be able to participate in these sports? You can rest easy now because these devices do not hinder you from engaging in your favourite sport. However, to protect yourself, always wear a mouthguard. It will ensure that you don’t get hurt in case a ball hits your face or someone makes contact with your mouth.

You can’t play a musical instrument with braces

If you’re a fan of the saxophone, flute, or any other musical instrument played by blowing, you may have heard that you can’t do it with these devices. It may feel awkward or different at first, but once you get used to them, they will not deter you from producing amazingly beautiful music.

Braces are susceptible to rust

You may think that since braces are metallic, they will rust over time. But braces constructed with stainless steel or a titanium alloy that doesn’t rust.

Braces can interfere with radio signals and electronic devices

Your antenna’s material is not similar to the one on your braces. Therefore, your braces will not conduct or interfere with radio signals. Also, they won’t interfere with signals from electronic devices such as WiFi devices, TVs, or computers.

Your braces will take lots of years to work

The time you’ll be wearing braces for depends upon the results you want and the severity of your problem. People with small problems take up to a year, while those with severe problems may take three years. Ask your care provider to give you a timeline. You can maintain your treatment timelines by faithfully attending regularly scheduled appointments.

Braces will hurt your teeth’s enamel

These devices are placed over your tooth’s enamel. So long as you choose a qualified doctor who knows how to install them correctly, you won’t have any problems. You should also do your part by maintaining top-tier oral hygiene.

Braces cause allergies

If some metals cause allergic reactions when they come into contact with your body, you may be worried that braces will too. What you need to know is that braces are made using titanium, a hypoallergenic material. Titanium a hypoallergenic material, and it has replaced other metals for surgical processes and implants. Therefore, don’t be worried about any allergies.

You have a higher chance of getting hit by lightning if you have braces

This is false. You are not at a higher risk of getting struck by lighting just because you have these devices.

Braces are costly

Conventional braces and aligners such as Invisalign and Six Month Smiles obviously have different costs.  Benefits among different insurance plans vary also.  Some dental clinics offer flexible payment plans too.  Explore your options and don’t let cost hinder you.

Braces being installed to teeth

You can switch orthodontists whenever you want

Braces may look like just wires and brackets to you, but dentists and orthodontists have different philosophies and thus design unique treatment plans.  Changing doctors midway through treatment is not recommended.

Do braces set off metal detectors?

These devices are made using a material that are not detectable by a metal detector. Therefore, rest easy knowing that you can pass through any security system without setting off alarms.

Do braces work permanently?

When it comes to straightening your teeth, braces are an effective solution. However, they do not offer permanent results. After removing them, your teeth may begin to go back to their pre-treatment position. Orthodontists/ dentists recommend that you wear retainers to maintain your teeth’s alignment.

Do braces weaken teeth?

During treatment, your teeth will feel mobile.  This occurs because underneath your gums, the bone – that your teeth are sitting in – is gradually remodelling to accommodate the new position of your teeth.  When the teeth settle into their final position – as determined by the braces/ Invisalign – the mobility disappears.  The teeth will be as stable as they were before braces.   

Do braces move your teeth every day?

Braces move teeth by applying force on them.  As mentioned above, bone remodelling occurs to facilitate repositioning of the tooth.  You cannot notice it every day. However, in a few weeks,  you will start noticing some changes.

What are braces made of?

Different types of braces are constructed using different materials. For instance, metal braces are made of stainless steel, molybdenum, titanium, or an alloy of copper, nickel, and titanium. Invisalign aligners are made of polypropylene plastic. Clear braces are made out of either plastic or porcelain. If you have allergies to any of these materials, tell your doctor on your first visit.

Hopefully, you now know a bit about braces and can separate braces facts from myths.

If you have crooked or misaligned teeth, visit our team today for a proper diagnosis and a customized plan to perfect your smile.