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When a cavity develops in your teeth, it needs to be removed and filled in by a dentist. If a cavity is not filled, it can grow in size and eventually cause unnecessary pain. Fillings, also known as restorations, can also be utilized on teeth that have been chipped, broken and worn down.

Fillings can be completed with a white, or metallic finish. White fillings, also known as composite fillings, can be much more visually appealing, blending in with the natural colours of your mouth. Our dental team can create fillings that are almost identical to the colouration of the teeth surrounding the site of the cavity, with the strength and durability you would expect from a metal filling. Depending on your oral health needs, our dentists may recommend a gold, silver or white filling.

Have you been indulging in a few too many sweet treats recently or have an ache in your tooth? Come in today and let out dentists fix your issues for good with a filling.

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