Root Canal Therapy

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We may recommend a root canal when an infection takes hold inside of a tooth. The inside of your teeth is referred to as the pulp and this area is extremely sensitive and vulnerable. An infection can find its way to the interior of your tooth due to a severe cavity or injury that exposed your root to bacteria. With a root canal treatment, we are able to fix the issue at hand without removing the tooth, which helps keep the rest of your smile in line.

A root canal, or other endodontic treatments remove the infected or inflamed pulp, then the inside of the tooth is very carefully cleaned and disinfected. Once the infection has been removed and the site has been sufficiently cleared, we then fill the area with a rubber like material called gutta-percha.

Does a Root Canal Hurt?

Despite what you have seen on TV or in movies, a root canal can be a rather simple and painless procedure. With the right application of local anesthesia, all you will feel is a small pinch from the needle!

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