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Teeth Whitening Solutions at Your Calgary Dental Office

Teeth Whitening Solutions at Your Calgary Dental Office

A bright, white smile is often equated with healthy teeth. There are several reasons your smile loses its whiteness. Certain foods and beverages including red wine, nicotine, green and black tea and coffee will stain and discolour your teeth over time. Many other factors including medication, mouth trauma and aging will also dramatically dull your smile over time. Canyon Dental in Calgary has great teeth whitening solutions and advice to help you remove stains and revitalize your grin.

Over the Counter Teeth Whitening Products

There are lots of over the counter products out there. We advise most of our patients to stay away from the whitening toothpaste because they tend to be very abrasive and can damage exposed root surface.

Alternatively, there are whitening strips and gels available that can be moderately effective but require a lot of patience! If you’re willing to use whitening strips multiple times a day and wait a couple weeks, then whitening strips and gels will give you decent results over time.  

At-home teeth whitening kits with blue LED lights have not shown any added benefit. On the contrary, the lights that are sold with at-home teeth whitening kits with blue LED lights have virtually zero impact on the teeth whitening process.  If you prefer an over the counter option, we recommend using whitening strips or gels. They are the most affordable and effective option.

Professionally Made Custom Whitening Trays at Canyon Dental

At Canyon Dental, we can make custom fitted whitening trays for a more comfortable and personalized fit.

We take moulds of your teeth and fabricate a custom bleaching tray specifically for you. We also include a tutorial and recommendations for the proper amount and concentration of bleaching gel.

When worn daily, it will take about two weeks, or 10-14 treatments, to see the results. The benefit of custom whitening trays is that you can whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home.

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Professional Dental Office Whitening

Dental office whitening is the best option for anyone who left teeth whitening to the last minute and need it before a big event, or prefer faster results.

During a professional whitening, a concentrated bleaching gel is applied to your teeth in the dental chair. Then we take moulds of your mouth and fabricate specialized maintenance whitening trays that fit your teeth and maintain your white smile.

One of the advantages of professional whitening done in-house is a reputable dentist will provide dental supervision, assess your teeth and ensure your teeth are whitened safely. It also gives you ample opportunity to discuss the products used and ensure the bleaching materials used on teeth with fillings are properly addressed.

It is important to have an examination by a dentist to assess the condition of your teeth and mouth to make sure whitening is safe/appropriate for you. Almost all patients will experience some sensitivity with whitening. This is temporary and can be alleviated using a sensitive tooth paste prior, during and after whitening your teeth. It is important to know that whitening maybe not be effective on existing fillings or crowns and can potentially damage them. Always be sure to discuss whitening solutions with your dentist first.

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